Amazing facts about your body and why looking after your health and fitness is so important.

Next time you are worried about your muffin tops or love handles, or the double chin in your photo, just take a moment to stop and think how truly remarkable your body is! You wake up every morning and your awesome body does so many things to keep you alive, get you through each day and enhance all your experiences.  All without you even thinking about it!

Just a few of the things your amazing body does:

  • Your heart beats around 35 million times per year, pumping 5-6 L per minute, that’s approximately 3million litres of blood pumped around your body per year!
  • Approximately 50,000 cells will die and be replaced in just the time it takes you to read this sentence! 300 million cells die every minute and we make 300 billion new ones every day! Your body is an extremely efficient factory working 24/7.
  • The average person takes around 23000 breaths daily – most of the time you do this without even thinking about it, occasionally take some time to feel those breaths and be grateful.
  • Nerve impulses travel at super speeds – this is why you can move your limbs seemingly instantaneously, react to a painful stimulus immediately or stop yourself from landing on your face when you trip over the kid’s toys!
  • Your body fights off billions of bad bacteria every day to prevent them from making you sick.
  • The female body is capable of propagating a baby and undergoing the trauma of giving birth!

  • Your liver performs numerous functions and can even regenerate itself if part of it is damaged or removed.
  • You can create and recall memories.
  • Your nose remembers and recognises over 50,000 different smells.
  • Your eyes can distinguish between 2.3 – 7.5 million different colours.
  • Your body continuously regulates your pH level to maintain a very tight acid/alkali balance which is optimal for all the chemical reactions which occur.
  • You are able to regulate your temperature.
  • You have super powers! Yes, in the face of danger, a rush of hormones can enable you to lift crazy weights or move super fast to avoid danger. Women have been known to lift double decker buses off their children in an amazing display of superstrength they never knew they possessed!
  • You are an awesome feat of engineering – 206 bones, over 650 muscles, organs, blood vessels, nerves, tendons and ligaments all held together in one amazing machine!

Be grateful for this amazing body you have!

So, still fretting over the spot on your forehead or the less than rounded bottom you see in the mirror? You are looking at the world’s most complex machine, powered by the most reliable computer in the world! Give it some respect, show it some love and stop sweating the small stuff! Look after your body, it does an awesome job of looking after you!

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